Thursday, November 30, 2006

In the beginning…

I would like to start this post by saying to all those bloggers who I have pestered in the past about not blogging enough…I am sorry. I promise to try and post on a regular basis. Please forgive me if I don’t.

So where to start. My current project is a secret project (and I need to borrow the camera from work, even though they don’t know it yet). It’s a felted project for an upcoming book published by Wiley, who also published my friends Heather’s book Not Your Mama’s Knitting, which means lots and lots of stockinette! The really upside…it’s pink. More to come on that later.

All that stockinette is making me bored. I am normally a monogamous knitter, but lately I have been dreaming of casting on something with cables. So I think I am going to start this from Knitty for my brother for Christmas:

Here it is from brooklyntweed in a more manly color:

I hope he will like it. I have some black yarn that is a little bulkier than the calmer that is suggested for it, so I think I am going to take out a couple of repeats. Fingers crossed he'll like it!