Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have been pluggin' away on my Tea Leaves Cardigan. In fact I finished binding off the hem the body last night. The problem you ask. Let me show you:

Misc 155

See those nice bands of color? The yarn is hand dyed and I obviously did not strand the project. I am regretting it now. As you can see, those "stripes" are hitting me in all the wrong places. Even Gauge sees how bad it is:

Misc 152

So here is my I rip the sweater now and forgo the Raveloympics? Or do I put the sweater on the back burner? The other thing that throws a wrench into the mix is that I am doing a baby blanket for hire in March. I told the person I would be able to start it at the beginning of March, which means I wouldn't be able to pick up the TLC until April (which would be too late in the year to wear it by the time I get done with it.

Another question is do I rip the whole thing and start stranding from the get go, or do you think I can save the yoke? Another option maybe if I rip the whole thing, I could do it in the round and steek it. It would go much faster if I do that. Would that qualify it as a "new" project and be able to use it as my Ravelolympic project?

Any opinions?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Once again too much time has passed since I have posted about knitting. I would give a list of excuses, but I know you don’t want to read that. So instead I will show you a picture of the baby blanket I am working on:


I feel like such a copy cat. Every time Jared designs a baby blanket, I end up mkaing it. I made the Tweed Baby Blanket and now I am working on a version of the Wool Leaves.(Ok, maybe not ever time, I didn’t make a Hemlock Ring, but I did help block one...does that count?)I have honestly always loved this lace pattern. It’s easy to memorize and still very pretty.

I am using some Malabrigo from my stash in an effort to knit it down to a reasonable amount. I had 9 skeins to start with. I think I will be using about 3 to 3 1/2, so there will still be enough left over for me to make a sweater or a shrug (thinking about this one, once the pattern is released)

I have also been working on a Tea Leaves Cardigan, but have no photo to show you. You will just have to trust me that it is pretty. I am using some Road to China Light that I had in my stash in a very pretty pinky/purple color (I know—shocking…Pink…?) I am almost to the “hem.” So really just the sleeves left.

I am hoping to have both of these finished before 6 PST on February 12th, so I can start my RavOlympic project(s) without much guilt. After much internal debate, I have decided on a pair of Esther socks. I have some soft pink (I know, I know) Kogui I bought a few years ago. I have been doing some reading online about using nylon sewing thread as a carry along to help prevent holes. I am going to run down to City Quilter later and see if they have some. Hope it works. Sewing thread comes in almost every color imaginable, so it will be less noticeable than using the reinforcement yarn. My second project will be a stockinette pair of socks in some hand dyed I bought at the Renegade Art fair a few years ago. And this time it’s not pink! I am going to stripe it with some blue sock yarn my mom bought me a couple of Christmases back. This is going to be more of a time challenge than anything. But I figure 2 pair of socks in 16 days…that should be good. Plus all my socks have holes in them, so at least I will have 2 more pair by March.

Does anyone else see how much stash knitting I am doing?