Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From Inside the Park

A few months ago, I found out that the exclusive Gramercy Park is open to the public on a few days a year – Gramercy Park Day, Christmas and Yom Kippur. So a few weeks ago, when I had the day off for Yom Kippur, I decided to take up the opportunity to see the park…from the inside.

Gramercy Park House

Gramercy Park Fence

There was this cool sculpture. One side was the sun:

Gramercy Park Sun

The other side was the moon:

Gramercy Park Moon

And it was surrounded by these mini giraffes, hiding in the plants:

Gramercy Park Giraffe Heads

There was a beautiful sundial:

Gramercy Park Sundial

And this really cute shed:

Gramercy Park Shed

After strolling along the path:

Gramercy Park Path

I decided to sit down,enjoy the beautiful day...and do a little knitting:

Gramercy Park Knitting

The moral of the day – always take time to smell the:

Gramercy Park Rose

Friday, October 9, 2009

100 Hats Update

Hello everyone! Sorry for such a long absence. Life has been a little busy, to say the least.

But I am very excited to give an update on my charity hat project. I have been pluggin’ away and have knit quite a few hats. But the more exciting news is that I have had some donations. A customer from the store gave me these 6 hats:

Misc 079

They are beautiful. Especially the Fair Isle Beret. I can’t imagine the work that went in. Thank you so much!

Mary also donated a bunch of hats to the cause. She loves to knit for charity and loves to makes hats. So this was a perfect fit for her. She gave me a huge bag at the swap last weekend. When I got home I counted them. There are 25 - yes 25!

Misc 080

She also gave me a bunch of strips that she was planning on sewing together as a blanket. But they are long enough to be scarves.

Misc 081

My total at the moment is:

Hats – 54
Scarves – 10
Gloves – 1

I am really excited. I didn’t think I would make half way to my goal and now I am a little over half! Thanksgiving is my target date, and I know I can make it with your help! Remember, they don’t need to be anything fancy, can use your scraps and yarns you don’t want to use for yourself. You can drop any donations off to Annie and Company Knitting at 1325 Madison Avenue or contact me at smittenwknitting@gmail.com to make other arrangements.