Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Well, there has been knitting going on, but there are no pictures to prove it today. Robin (aka the Essential Tank from Lace style) is rockin' along. I am about half way to the armholes. The lace pattern is pretty easy to memorize and goes pretty quickly. And I have only used about 2½ balls of the yarn I bought. I subbed the alpaca it called for, instead opting to use Kogiu (I heart Kogiu) and although the math tells me I need 10 balls of Kogiu, I think I will have a lot left. Good thing Purl believes in exchanges.

I also started another tank, this time of my own design. I purchased some Knit Picks Gloss in bare (I really need a basic cream tank). I am planning on reverse stockinette stitch with some garter lace trim at the neckline, but didn't want to do all that purling. So instead I am going use stockinette stitch and turn it inside out when I am finished. Such a cheater, I know. I have a vision of the tank under my favorite pink suit. I must knit faster, spring is already here!

Pictures to come soon!

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