Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have been pluggin' away on my Tea Leaves Cardigan. In fact I finished binding off the hem the body last night. The problem you ask. Let me show you:

Misc 155

See those nice bands of color? The yarn is hand dyed and I obviously did not strand the project. I am regretting it now. As you can see, those "stripes" are hitting me in all the wrong places. Even Gauge sees how bad it is:

Misc 152

So here is my I rip the sweater now and forgo the Raveloympics? Or do I put the sweater on the back burner? The other thing that throws a wrench into the mix is that I am doing a baby blanket for hire in March. I told the person I would be able to start it at the beginning of March, which means I wouldn't be able to pick up the TLC until April (which would be too late in the year to wear it by the time I get done with it.

Another question is do I rip the whole thing and start stranding from the get go, or do you think I can save the yoke? Another option maybe if I rip the whole thing, I could do it in the round and steek it. It would go much faster if I do that. Would that qualify it as a "new" project and be able to use it as my Ravelolympic project?

Any opinions?


Kara said...

I say rip it but save the yoke.

Rebecca said...

I agree with Kara. 100%!