Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was sitting in the park at lunch today, knitting on my noro sock and thinking of my in progress list, when I remembered a project not on the list! It is hibernating (and for whatever reason I never put it on Ravelry) so that is why it didn’t come to mind when I was typing my list the other day. It is a top-down wool/alpaca hip length cardigan in grey. I was working on it when Murray died and for whatever reason, I just couldn’t knit on it anymore after he passed. I am emotionally ready to pick it back up again, but it’s really warm and we are having an above normal summer here in NYC. So I won’t be touching that one for awhile either. I think I need to rent a cabin in the woods for a week, so I can stay up all night knitting to get some things done.

My Knitpicks order was shipped the day. It is currently in Edison, NJ according to the FedEx website. But it says it’s not due until Monday. Why? It’s just across the river. Why do they want to torture me!?!?!?! I guess its ok; I am only on row 5 out of 16 on the border. And I have other things that need to be finished first. So close, yet so far away.


Passionknitly said...

I wish I'd known you were ordering from them! I would have put in an order for a couple of balls of Felici in the rainbow colorway. Ah well. It's probably for the better. I scored big at the Gotham Fine Yarns Going out of Business Sale.

kara said...

I'll go with you to that cabin! I miss going to Jill R's parents' place for knit-vacations (although I'd be crocheting now).