Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Malbrigo winner

First I have to say I thought a few more of you would submit a story for me. Ruth, I am looking at you.
I was excepting a zombie story. Or may a story about a story about giant invisible moths. Or an alien abduction, with aliens who are trying to learn to knit. Well, there will be other contests.

While I had 3 good choice, it was Enid’s post that really made me laugh out. I think it was that is was relevant to SnB. Unfortunately we haven’t see you in awhile, so you don’t know that we don’t really see the Korean Bible study group that much anymore. We are now in a show down with a bunch of evil staring chess players.

Congratulations Enid. Please email me at smittenwknitting@gmail.com with you shipping address.

The good news is that the scarf is out of the freezer. I think I can save most of it. It may have to become a cowl. We’ll see.

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Enid said...

I just got the Malbrigo, and thank you! It's so soft and such a beautiful color. Right now I'm knitting gifts and a chemo hat, and have a few projects to finish up. I am figuring out what to make. Miss you guys.-- Enid