Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Knitting is Finished!

I meet the deadline with a few days to spare! Here is a top view of the hat finished:

Last year when I was home I was making a pair of socks for myself; my sister-in-law commented that she really like the idea of having bright, funky socks. You may want to put some sunglasses on before you take a look at the socks I made for her. I got the yarn from the last yarn swap. Here is a in-progress shot:

And I know you won’t feel this post is complete until you see the sweatshirts. I took a picture of just one as they look the same:

That’s right I finished my Christmas sewing as well. All the adults are also going to get their gifts in fabric bags. I have been talking about doing this for years. It’s amazing how much wrapping paper one family can go though. This way they get an extra gift and it’s better for Mother Earth. I would have done the same for the boys, but all I had in my fabric stash was silk or pink flowery cotton. I think it's ok that I wrap a few presents in paper.

To prove that I have been a very busy girl lately I also finished knitting and sewing together secret project 1. I am currently swatching for secret project 2. It won’t be long now until I can knit for myself again, I can’t wait!


city girl said...

it's all very lovely! i'm jealous that you're done being that i still have 3 projects to start and finish. it must be a good feeling to get holiday gifts to people before the holiday :)

johanna said...

Beautiful job on the hat! And the socks are great too (I take it the recipients have very different taste in color palettes =)

Rachael said...

Love the bags - very "Claudine" colors!

MUDNYC said...

Claudine, I love those bags! What a great idea. I'm so proud of your greenness!