Wednesday, February 7, 2007

OK, maybe secret knitting isn’t done?!?!?

So after trying some of Heather’s suggestions, I was still really unhappy with secret project I. So I asked Sharon if I could turn in the bag late, ordered more yarn from Elann, and started again. However, this time I am being much smarter. I figured out a way to make it in the round with a few short rows at the top to make a nice curved top. So at least it will go faster. In fact I started last Wednesday and I am about half way done. I should be done by this weekend. And I also thought of a really cute way to make a pouch for small things that get lost at the bottom of a big bag. Everyone…cross your fingers it works this time!

In the mean time I started the socks for my mother, whose birthday was last Sunday. Good thing I told her ahead of time not to expect her present on time this year. The last pair of socks I made for her she thought were too short. So I deiced to make toe up socks this time and just knit till a run out of yarn. I found this great link for Turkish Cast On. This makes a beautiful closed cast on and is super easy once you get the hang of it. I highly recommend it if you are planning toe up socks.

Even though the cold has finally hit NYC, I am starting to think about spring knitting. I am thinking about making this tank from Vintage Knits in some yarn I got at Rhinebeck this year.

I made this for my friend Amie once (actually twice, I had to re-knit it as it was too big for her). But this time I think I am going to make it in the round (it’ll go a lot faster (do you see a trend here) and build up the neckline so it’s more work appropriate. I even can use some of the left over yarn from Secret Project II for the trim, how perfect is that?


MUDNYC said...

I think you should knit that cami in's so you!

Claudine said...

Surprise Michelle, the yarn I am thinking about is pink. Cna you imagine?