Sunday, March 18, 2007

Six Weird things about…Murray?

So Jessamyn tagged me a while back with six weird things about me. However, I can’t seem to think of Six Weird Things About Me that are both weird AND that I am willing to divulge to the world. So instead I present Six Weird Things About Murray.

1. Murray likes to play fetch. I discovered this about him shortly after adopting him. He was playing with a toy on my lap, and of course I was trying to knit, so I threw it on the floor. He brought it back. I threw it again, he brought it back again. His favorite thing to do it to bring me a toy and drop it in my lap. If I don't throw it for him, he gets upset and sulks off to the other side of the couch.

2. He likes to drink the water out of my bubble bath. He drinks a few sips, shakes his head, which I take to mean “this tastes gross,” and drinks some more. I put fresh water out for him everyday. He also drinks out of the toilet. I wonder if he thinks I am trying to poison him with water.

3. He comes when he is called. I have never known a cat to do that. Most cats when they hear their name, they if anything gives you a look like “don’t bother me” and stay excatly where they are. Not my boy, he comes trotting when he hears me call him. (Now next time any of you are at my place you will want to see this and of course he will make a lair out of me.)

4. When I first got him, he loved to go out into the hall. So much so that every time I opened the door I had to be careful (he was really good at sneaking past me). About six months later he stopped going into the hall. Now he is terrified of the hall. He will occasionally put a paw out there, but as soon as he hears a noise he comes scrambling back inside.

5. He knows that when my phone double rings, someone will be at the door in a few minutes. He will sit and wait by the door, until I open it, then he runs and hides. Although I think he is a little scaredy cat, he is still very curious about who might be on the other side of the door.

6. He would rather watch cars than birds. I swear. I thought having a tree outside my window would be a bonus for a cat. But once again he took me by surprise. I see him look at birds without response. But cars, that is a whole other story. He will chatter over a car, but a bird…nothing. I don’t get it.

Some of these things lead me to believe that Murray has an identity crisis. He isn’t sure if he is a dog or a cat.

The most important thing about Murray? He is my buddy, and although he probably wouldn’t want me telling anyone this, I know he loves me. The list of the great things about Murray would be about 100 pages long, so I’ll leave you with this instead…