Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Long Post to Make Up for Long Time No Post

So, I swear I have been knitting, and actually have some finished objects.

First is a baby blanket for someone at work. She and her husband don't want to know the sex of the baby, so I decided to use the sage green cotton/wool I had in my stash. I was planning on making a lace border, but I just could seem to do it for some reason. I kept losing track or dropping stitches. So I made the decision to do a seed stitch border, log cabin style.

Baby Bullis' blankie with Mom

Not bad, but not perfect. But I think the mom-to-be seemed to like it. The best part? I was in her office a few weeks ago. She had just bought the bedding online and was dying to show someone. It's blue with sage accents. SCORE! It'll match.

I also finished Soliel for my mom. I changed the neckline to a square. I am not thrilled with this one, but at least it is done. Sorry no photo on this one, it's in the mail as I type.

The SnB girls were so nice to get me a gift certificate to Macy's for my birthday. I finally went shopping and ended up with this:


Cute, right? The only thing was it is a little to bare to wear to work. So of course, I need a new shrug. Enter Florence, a rowan pattern from a few years back. I used the Ella Rae Shibu in natural.



(Why do I feel the need to tilt my head whenever someone is taking a picture of me?)

Last in the finished object category is a little sundress I made for Peanut, Jessamyn's yet to be born little girl. I never seem to have little girls to knit for, so when Jessamyn told us she was having a girl I jumped at the chance. But then I hit a brick wall. What should I knit? Cardigan, pullover…this baby is going to be born in June, not exactly sweater weather in New York. While scouring Ravelry, I found some really cute tunics and sundresses for little girls. I modified this one from Vickie Howell.

Peanut's Sundress

I had some Claudia Handpainted yarn in my stash in a bright coral. The yarn was a different gauge that what was called for in the pattern, but math doesn't scare me. I also wasn't crazy about the way she wrote the smocking. To give it a slightly more finished look, I added an applied i-cord. And of course...I knit it in the round (do I have to say it, no seams!)

Peanut's Sundress Detail

Stay tuned for rules to the upcoming 1st Annual Sock Off between PassionKNITly and myself.


Rebecca said...

That little dress is the cutest!!!

PassionKNITly said...

cute knits!

I need that shrug pattern something fierce!

Do you think I should start a ravelry group for the sock off? Should we make blogging about it once a week a part of the contest? Like you get a point for every time you blog about it?

MUDNYC said...

Cute little sundress! And I love the one you bought for yourself, too!!!

Heather said...

Cuteness all around!

Can you make me a sundress like that - only MUCH bigger?


PS; Hoping to be in NYC next week - will keep you in the loop.