Monday, May 19, 2008

Sock Off!

Sock Off

After looking at my stash earlier this year, I noticed I had a bunch of sock yarn. I mentioned to Jenn that I was planning on knitting though my sock yarn stash this summer and she suggested a competition. So, without further ado, I present the First Annual Sock Off!

Beginning Memorial Day and ending Labor Day of 2008, PassionKNITly and Smitten w/ Knittin' will compete to see who can knit the most socks in a summer. Socks will be awarded points for each component, as well as weight after Labor Day. Both contestants will bring their completed socks to Annie & Company Knitting for weighing of socks and awarding of points. The current point system is:

Heel Flap.................1
Short Row Heel............1
Short Row Toes............1
Patterned Heel............1
Lace pattern..............2
Cable Pattern.............2

Other points will be added as needed.

The winner will receive bragging rights and sock yarn of her chossing from the loser.

I am pretty sure Jenn will win. She has a new job that has a lot of traveling. With traveling, comes knitting time. What is the best traveling knitting project? Socks. Oh well, I will try and stop my natural Capricorn instincts and not get too competitive. The most important thing is to have fun and knit though my sock stash, right?

Amie, if you are reading this STOP now.

Seriously…click here or here.

Go on…

I am planning on Socks for Veronik (Ravelry link) for my first pair from Interweave Holiday Knits. I am making these as a gift for my friend Amie. I bought some nice green Artyarns Ultra Merino 4. Green is her favorite color. Even though I am primary a toe-up knitter, I am going to make these as the pattern is written (gasp, I know!) Although, instead of a K3tog, I will probably do a sk2p. A little easier on size 0 needles. So these should count as a 3 pointer, plus weight.

Let the knitting begin!

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