Monday, March 1, 2010


…only counts in slow dancing, shuffle board and atom bombs, apparently not in my RavelOlympics project. I was so close. But I ran out of steam towards the end.

I only have about 1 inch on the sleeves and the button and buttonhole bands left to do. And of course weave in the ends. And I guess also sew on the buttons - once I get some. OK, maybe a little more than I thought. But I am still pretty proud of the amount I did. I made a cardigan in sport weight in 16 days. Considering how busy I am, that’s really good.

Part of me wished I had done something a little more complicated. Looking at the Yarn Harlot's project is so inspiring. But then again...I would probably only have the solid part done. I am not really a fan of color work. All those colors equals twisting and turning, which equals tangling of yarn, which equals Claudine on the floor crying.

Of course it would have helped if I didn’t get distracted by my new Clapotis. I saw the yarn at the store the day before the Olympics began and I knew I was in trouble. (Funny how you can look at something a million times and then all of a sudden, you have to have it.) I am using Claudia Hand Painted in Cabin Fever. I was planning on 4 skeins, but I am towards the end of the second skein and I see that I will need at least 1 more than I had originally planned. So much for knitting from the stash.

But the real problem...I am having serious startitis. I am curving my itch for now, but I am not sure how long that will last. I have in the queue (in my mind, anyway…let’s not talk about how long my queue in Ravelry is) a Silk Kerchief out of handspun that I got from Malia in a swap, a baby blanket that was requested (have to have this one done by end of March so that is going on the needles next), a version of this gorgeous Valentino shawl I saw (the one I saw was in in blue/green and was GORGEOUS), this side to side garter stitch cardi, something in lace weight (not sure what, just can’t stop thinking about lace lately), and not to mention that I really need some new socks. If only there were more hours in the day!

I hope to have pictures of both of these projects soon.

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