Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget

This email was sent to me shortly after September 11th by a co-worker. I re-read it every year on this date and I wanted to share it with you. I still get very emotional about this date and can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to do something so hateful.

I will never forgot.

As I don't have Osama bin Laden's email address please forward this letterto as many as folks as possible so that he may receive my heartfelt thanks!
Dear Osama:

Allow me to thank you for your recent visits to our country! I am a 49 yearold male, 4th generation, well educated, prosperous and yes, a spoiledAmerican. I have never really understood our nation's history nor theactions of the past generations. You see I grew up in a time period when wehad our unpopular war in Vietnam and it wasn't cool to be a patriotic. Wentthrough the space generation, the love generation, the me generation andthe x-generation without any real appreciation for what went on before mytime. I couldn't understand why men would rush to sign-up to defend ourcountry in the World Wars. Nor could I even really appreciate why we hadVeteran's Day or for that matter the Fourth of July. For my generation, itwas merely a holiday which was a day off from work.My hero's weren't fireman, policemen, soldiers, or politicians. They weresports figures, business tycoons, movies stars and the like. Why wouldanyone take one of those low paying, dangerous positions when you couldhave more money, more respect, and have a whole lot more fun as one ofthese others?

My view of the world was; USA against the rest of the world because nobodyappreciated what we did for them. I was never concerned about the rest ofthe world or really cared for their well being...except to dole out moneyfor food and medicine thru one of our relief programs (like the$171,000,000 we gave your countrymen last year). All I ever thought aboutwas maybe a vacation to their corner of the world to experience theirculture.

Your visit here has changed all that! So I want to tell you "Thanks"! Isincerely mean it too. You have no idea how your visit has changed allthat. You see I realize now what my forefathers fought for and why theyrisked their lives. I understand what Memorial Day and the Fourth of Julyare all about. Upon seeing our Flag, my chest expands, our national anthembrings tears to my eyes. My fellow Americans are truly my brothers and Iwill defend them with all my might.

As you watch CNN (from our satellite) broadcasting our American familyportrait, I am sure you have noticed a different pose. We are all one now.Racial barriers have been broken, religious barriers are gone, as webelieve and trust in any and all religions that support a just and mercifulSupreme Being. My heroes now are firemen, policemen, soldiers and yes,even our politicians. The outside world as I have known it has now embracedus. Taking us in during our time of need and given us the support we so
desperately required. Our enemies of the past are not.So, you see, Osama, we OWE you. Thank you for realigning our perspectivesand values like no one has done before. Your actions have created more
good will than any one single act I have known in my lifetime. I know youdidn't think this would be the outcome, but rest assured this is what youhave created!! You made us understand a lesson we hope to never forget ortake for granted again.

In closing it is a custom in our country to express our gratitude. So weand a few of our friends (the rest of the world) are going to stop by anddeliver a message to you and yours. I hope it comes soon and swift butdon't worry if you don't see us right away we won't forget...not now, notever.

In Appreciation,


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