Sunday, November 28, 2010

Malabrigo Mystery

I am still having issues figuring out what happened to my beloved scarf. One theory I have is that perhaps the scarf got caught in one of the toggles on my coat. Between that and the rain and wind, something happened. But my issue with that is that I think that would make a rip, not a hole. And not so many holes. I still don’t think it’s the the the “M” word, but it is currently hanging out in my freezer just in case.

So here is my challenge to you dear readers. Come up with a theory or story for me on how you think it happened. Something to either educate or amuse me. Leave your idea in the comments. I will pick a winner one week from today – December 6. The winner will receive one skein of Malabrigo sock in Rayon Vert.

Knitting 025

Special thanks to T for the great post name!


CityMinx said...

well, there's the practical me: there were natural weaknesses in parts of the scarf where the fiber wore away, and when it got wet, it weakened further and the weight of itself caused it to tear holes in itself when it was hung up to dry.

then there's my other side, where i believe fairies were so enamored of it's decadent softness, that they flittered invisibly around you on your way home, and took some of the fiber to line their crystal beds in their magical tree houses.

by the way, that's some very nice yarn you've got there

Enid said...

Ouch, that is really devastating. I have a couple theories.
-acid rain.
-the Asian Bible study group was upset they didn't get the table they wanted and took it out on you.
-Someone at SnB wanted a beautiful Malibrigo lace swatch, and got carried away.
-It got caught under the chair leg, a couple times?

Passionknitly said...

I think you knitting needles got jealous and wanted to touch the malabrigo more, so they hatched an elaborate plan to rip your scarf so you would have to knit another one just as pretty and soft.

Unless there was some wild uninhibited Grammarcy Park sex you're not telling us about...