Monday, November 29, 2010

Yarn Tree

I went to Macy’s about a week ago and saw the coolest Christmas decoration. A yarn tree:

Yarn Tree

Here is a close up shot:

Yarn Tree Close Up

It is a wire tree frame that is wrapped in yarn and has balls of yarn tied to it. How cool is that! I totally want to make one! Can you imagine it all in green yarns with some green Christmas lights on it (not sure if that would be a fire hazard) and some silver balls? I am not sure what to look for though for the frame though. I googled “wire tree,” “wire tree frame,” “wire cone,” “wire cone tree form” and lots of other combinations of those words. This is one of those things where if I lived someplace where I had lots of room, I would try to build it myself (I did some sculptures in college made out of steel wire, so I know how to braze), but where would I do that and store it in the mean time. Any ideas?

1 comment:

Audrey said...

Looks like an upside-down tomato cage to me... go for it!