Friday, January 5, 2007

Knit From Your Stash 2007!

I have seen this on a few blogs over the past week and decided to try it. I think I will do OK on it. I have a decent size stash and as they say, sock yarn does not count, so if I have a moment of weakness it will be sock yarn.

Knit From Your Stash 2007: Guidelines

1. The Knit-From-Your-Stash-a-Thon will start January 1, 2007 and run through September 30, 2007 -- a period of nine months.

2. We will not buy any yarn during that period, with the following exceptions:

2.a. Sock yarn does not count. What? You think we are made of stone?

2.b. If someone asks for a specific knitted gift that we really and truly do not have the yarn for, we may buy yarn to knit that gift.

2.c. If we are knitting something and run out of yarn, we may purchase enough to complete the project.

2.d. We each get one "Get Out of Jail Free" card -- we are each allowed to fall off the wagon one time.

3. We are allowed to receive gifts of yarn.

4. Trading stash is allowed.

5. Spinning fiber of any sort is exempt.

I am going to assume that re-purposing yarn counts as knitting from your stash. I had already decided to frog the wrap with sleeves that I made last year. Although I really liked the idea of it, it just didn't turn out the way I had hoped. And I do love the Baby Alpaca Twist that I used, and it would be a shame to have a knitted garment out of such beautiful yarn that I don't wear. So I began knitting something similar to this:

I don't have quite enough yarn, so I am doing a modified version with cables only on the edges of the fronts and perhaps some cabling on the sleeves. I already have the back done. And I guess I cheated a little on the Knit From Your Stash, because I started it before January 1. My defense is that I didn't know about this until yesterday.

Wish me luck!


MUDNYC said...

Sorry about your travel woes! I love the sweater you're working on, though.

Heather said...

Hi Sexy ;o)
Missed you this week - hope all is OK.

Re: Knitting from stash for 9 months: You are a stronger woman than I.... but there does seem to be a lot of rule bending that can happen!

Hope to see you on Tuesday :o)